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We have based the application process on the Good Practice Guidelines for Teaching Mindfulness-based Courses. Once received, your application will be reviewed and we will be in touch within 5 working days to confirm your application or seek further information. If you prefer to submit your application by email or post, please contact us

Once you have completed this application form and had your membership approved we will contact you about how to pay your membership fees. See full details of the different membership tiers and fees for further information on the cost of becoming a member of the network.

The application process

Our intention is to enable teachers of secular mindfulness courses to network and collaborate together in order to support the growth of Mindfulness Courses taught by trained teachers with a commitment to supporting the integrity of this work. We recognise, and experience for ourselves, the challenges which can arise in following some aspects of the guidelines - if there are areas where you feel there may be gaps, this may not exclude you from joining the network. For example, there can be challenges in finding supervisors and affordable secular retreats. If something like this is relevant for you, please apply anyway. We will contact you to discuss your application - where we notice there are gaps we will support our members by signposting and feeding back to training organisations and others so that we can begin to find solutions together. 

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