The backlash against mindfulness


I’ve read quite a few critical media articles about mindfulness recently. I notice really strong reactions when I read these. It’s almost guttural and sometimes I feel it like a kick in the stomach.

But instead of ruminating on thoughts about all that’s wrong in the world of journalism, I'm choosing to see the bigger picture. The idea of learning mindfulness is now ‘here’. It’s arrived. It exists enough in the public consciousness to be critiqued. And everything needs to be critiqued.

In fact, the brighter the spotlight burns, the more likely we are to learn what is most helpful in teaching mindfulness. And how we can develop our own practice. We already know quite a lot. The UK Good Practice Guidelines have a solid base. They rest on learnings from contemporary research and contemplative practices stretching back for many many years. We can trust that. We don’t need to convert everyone.

So let's enjoy the debate. Form our own opinions. Test out the criticisms - some may turn out to be hard truths. That's ok. We can adjust and change our teaching as we go. My intention is to keep learning, stay up to date, trust my own practice and keep the integrity of the approach as best I can. So I’m letting go of these defensive thoughts when I spot them - and getting on with my teaching. What about you?