How do you know who is a good mindfulness teacher?

Tamsin and I went to the School of Life and heard Jon Kabat-Zinn speak last weekend. It was a wonderful evening full of heart, humour and a 'rousing invitation' to continue this journey in growing mindfulness around the world - whilst continuing to be here, right now, as we are. It sounds like a contradiction. It is. Mindfulness is kind of like that. It makes sense even when it doesn't. It was a special evening. Many things are resonating with me still.

One of the questions from the audience was about how to know if someone is a good or proper mindfulness teacher. While I'm always keen to let people know about the UK Guidelines for Teaching Mindfulness and that kind of thing, Jon's approach was different. He suggested that we would know. We'd know from talking to them, reading what they write, seeing them speak - but we would know and are the best judges. I don't think this is the whole answer personally, but it definitely resonated.

And so here I am, reading a blog post from one of our wonderful members,  Jeannie Mackenzie Founder and Mindfulness Teacher at Everyday Mindfulness Scotland.  And you know what? As I read this, if I was in Jeannie's part of the world looking for a mindfulness teacher and read "Letting Go" on her blog, Jon Kabat-Zinn would be right - I would know.  

It's a beautiful post - I encourage you to read it. It has something for mindfulness teachers, practitioners and all of us humans as we continue our struggle to live and work as best we can, trusting we will know when the time comes to consider "Letting Go".

Thank you Jeannie for all that you do. Well wishes being sent across the miles.