Finding a mindfulness teacher - where are we on social media?

Deciding to book a mindfulness course is a big commitment, and many of us want to try and choose (if we have a choice) the kind of teacher who 'fits' with our own style and values. We think social media has real potential to help mindfulness teachers and course participants 'find each other'.  

We have recently been asking mindfulness teachers from our own membership network, which social media platforms they use to reach out to people who might want to book a mindfulness course. Here are the results:

Which social media platforms do you use most as a mindfulness teacher

This is only a small sample of teachers, but it It looks like twitter, facebook and blogging are being used the most. A good thing to know if you are looking for a course.

Share your views   

So what do you think? Is this true for you as a mindfulness teacher? And if you are someone looking for a course, how do you think Mindfulness Teachers should publicise their courses? What's important to you? What are the main things which hold you back? Please share your views with us on our Facebook page or via @growmindfulness on Twitter.

You can also find out more about choosing a mindfulness course and finding the right teacher in our mini guide .