We are sorry to announce that Grow Mindfulness is closing. Read more

We are a social enterprise intent on making a real difference to health and happiness by helping people of all incomes and needs to learn mindfulness.

  • We teach mindfulness to staff in social care, public services and the third sector because supporting those who help, enables them to continue offering the very best care to people in need

  • We are developing new models for the delivery of mindfulness so that it is easier for anyone who is interested to try it out, regardless of income or needs. Workplaces, communities, schools, cafes - it's very ordinary and can be done anywhere.

  • We believe that mindfulness can bring all kinds of people together and help us see that no matter how we look on the outside, we are all struggling on the inside. We're only human - and we are better together. 

If you have ideas on how you can help us begin to break down barriers to accessing mindfulness, (or at least mindfully walk around them) we'd love to hear from you.