Mindfulness at Work

We spend huge amounts of our lives at work and many organisations are now looking at offering mindfulness at work as one way of contributing to positive workplace culture, emotional intelligence, resilience and a whole range of other benefits. There have been concerns in both the parliamentary work and the media that, without a great deal of effort to maintain the integrity of what we already know works, that a form of 'McMindfulness' may emerge which may not only lead to a poor return on investment but also could be harmful for some people. We recommend organisations step into mindfulness with this awareness and engage with a trained and experienced mindfulness teacher to offer or develop a programme which is safe and fit for purpose in your organisation. To find trained teachers, please consult the List of UK Mindfulness Teachers - please note that this is new approval process and not all teachers are on the website. See our mindfulness courses page for more information on finding a mindfulness teacher who follows the UK Good Practice Guidelines for Teaching Mindfulness based courses.

If you would like to read more about mindfulness courses in the workplace, we recommend this book:

Michael Chaskalson: The Mindful Workplace - Developing Resilient Individuals and Resonant Organisations with MBSR  [links to publisher site, Wiley]

Our Services

Mindfulness in social work and the public sector  

We currently teach mindfulness in public services and the 3rd sector through our team of Associate Teachers. We have been running evidence based 8 week programmes in East Sussex for more than 3 years and are also now teaching in West Berkshire in a council wide programme. We have developed tried and tested processes for delivering these courses including managers briefings, staff screening, between session support, digital resources and follow up processes to support ongoing practice.  

I was sitting with an elderly couple discussing their care at home for the wife when she left hospital. They had both been through a lot over the past few weeks. I felt my responses to them were more sincere than they would have been before.I was really empathising, instead of planning my well-versed professional’s response. I was just reacting from the heart to what they were sharing with me and I felt that they had a more genuine interaction with me as a result.
— Mia Holmes, West Berkshire Social Worker in Community Care 14-4-16


Please contact us for more information and to discuss your needs. 

Mindfulness at work - business innovation programme 

We are currently looking for an innovative entrepreneur, corporate partner or SME to help us develop and test a new model of mindfulness at work which can also support people in need in local communities.

Our planned workplace mindfulness programme will engage staff in meaningful connection with each other AND with people in local communities. Loneliness and isolation are the big problems of our time - we're going to help.

We are at the very beginning of this journey and need the right partner to help us build and steer this particular mindful boat. If this resonates and you understand the importance of workplace culture and meaning at work, please contact us. Let's talk.