Susan Kelly, Founder and Director

Susan Kelly, Founder of Grow Mindfulness CIC

Susan Kelly, Founder of Grow Mindfulness CIC

An experienced social worker and mindfulness teacher with a deeply-held commitment to social justice, Susan began practising mindfulness after suffering a head injury in 2005. Over time, mindfulness became so important to her that she trained as a Mindfulness Teacher with Bangor University CMRP in 2011. She later completed further training in MBCT at NHS Sussex Mindfulness Centre and is also trained to teach the modified programmes 'Finding Peace in a Frantic World' and 'Nurturing Parents'. She now specialises in teaching mindfulness in social care and public and third sector organisations.

Having been part of the very first Brighton TEDx Conference in 2011 , Susan became convinced that there was a need for more 'crosstalk' and shared learning across the public, business and third sector. She believes that we are better together than apart and hopes to build partnerships from which new delivery models for mindfulness can take root and thrive.

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Tamsin Bishton - Mindfulness Teacher and Volunteer


An experienced digital communications professional and listed mindfulness teacher who wants to help organisations to learn how to be more compassionate towards the people who work in them.

Tamsin has volunteered with the service since 2014 and is also an Associate Teacher. She is a valued and key team member, involved in both strategic and operational work. Tamsin was motivated to become a volunteer with Grow Mindfulness after a meeting of minds with Grow Mindfulness founder, Susan Kelly, in a coffee shop in Brighton. Tamsin believes that there’s a great power of connection in digital technology and communication that could be harnessed to support the mindful movement and help build new kinds of relationships between teachers, the people who most need (but often can least afford) mindfulness and the growing number of businesses who want to operate in more compassionate and people-focused ways.

Nicole Perkins, Associate and Mindfulness Teacher


Nicole joined us as an Associate Mindfulness Teacher in February 2015. She has had a personal mindfulness practice since 2010 and completed her Teacher Training at Bangor University’s Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice in 2014. Nicole is also a trained teacher of the Mindfulness in Schools Project .b and Paws b mindfulness curricula for children and .b Foundations programme for teachers, staff and parents, and the Finding Peace in a Frantic World course for adults.

Nicole is currently conducting PhD research at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience, King’s College London on developing kindness in children, using new research developments in mindfulness with children. Nicole teaches 8 week mindfulness courses in West Berkshire.

Advisory Group


Dr Trudi Edginton

Trudi is a Clinical Psychologist and Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Neuroscience and Cognitive Rehabilitation at the University of Westminster. Trudi started her career as a Qualified Nurse and continues to work in a clinical setting as a Neuropsychologist, Mindfulness Teacher and a trainee CBT therapist. Trudi specialises in Alzheimer’s Disease, Traumatic Brain Injury, Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida.

Trudi embeds her own mindfulness practice into her teaching, her clinical work and her everyday life. Trudi is interested in mindfulness meditation-based approaches to psychological wellbeing, brain function and health. She has recently published a number of studies exploring the cognitive, neuronal and emotional mechanisms that underlie the effectiveness of mindfulness meditation and her findings are presented at academic conferences, charity organisations and a range of community events.

Trudi first met Susan on a mindfulness retreat in London and has continued to share a passion for greater access to mindfulness, evidence-based mindfulness research and supporting mindfulness teachers.

Vicki Ornellas

Vicki Bailey Ornellas - Volunteer

Vicki joined us as a volunteer in 2015. She is a mum of two little ones and also works in the Higher Education sector. Before having her children, Vicki worked for many years in the community, charity and voluntary sector. She came to mindfulness after a period of severe ill-health following the birth of her second child. She completed a mindfulness course with Susan in 2013 and continues to practice today.

"It has not always been easy finding the time or the space and to start with, and I did feel a little silly sitting still when i had so much else I needed to do, but slowly, slowly it got easier and became a natural part of my day. I can honestly say that the experience has had a solid and grounding effect on my life and has benefited my relationships with my family and friends, and especially my children"

"I wanted to get involved as a volunteer with Grow Mindfulness as the aims and ambitions really resonate with me. Having been in a tricky place well-being wise it would be wonderful to be able to broaden the scope of courses to those who need and would benefit it most. Taking some of the mystery that can surround meditating and making it accessible and doable for a wider audience"